Airplane Rides by Jake Alexander | Review

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<strong>Airplane Riders: Observations from Above</strong> Book Cover
Airplane Riders: Observations from Above Memoir AuthorBuzz eBook 156 pages Amazon

10 true conversations, anonymously conveyed by airline passengers to the author. Written under the pseudonym Jake Alexander, Airplane Rides follows a highly successful, but emotionally isolated, real life finance executive through actual conversations had with seatmates. The work takes place over a ten year period and is multidimensional across both the passenger stories told and the moral evolution of this modern day nomad who serves as our narrator. It is a unique set of social observations, provocatively unfolded through the often painful lessons learned by others. Airplane Rides captures that seductive state between where we have been, and where we are going and the possibility of finding absolution along the way.

I received a free e-version of this novel through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Normally when one writes a memoir, the reader and author can something away from the story. In this case, I felt there was no point to this book except to say look have perverse and open strangers are.

I wanted to like this, it sounds interesting, but instead, I wound up despising the narrator and wondering why he felt the need to write this down. I don’t mind that the stories are lewd and deal with sex, however, there doesn’t seem a point to them. The author doesn’t learn anything and I don’t have a reason as to why anyone else should read this.

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