Where to Find Free Stock Photos for Your Blog

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I use stock photos all the time on my blog. However, digital images used for online and print marketing materials can be pricey, and I just don’t have the funds. Luckily the are several sites out there that offer free stock photos and I want to help you find them.

I have compiled a list of resources to look for free stock images and vectors (CC0, Public Domain) that can be used, manipulated, and reproduced for most, if not all your needs. I hope this list will come in handy.


Canva home page - find free stock images

Canva is a great design tool to whip out social media and blog images fast. They also have free images and vectors you can use. Just be sure it says free before you use it (some items have a charge).


flickr homepage

Flickr has thousands of images you can search through, just make sure you look at the Creative Commons restrictions. The majority of these images require at least attribution.

Free for Commercial Use

free for commercial use homepage

This site offers a wonderful list of sites with license free images.

Good Free Photos

good free photos homepage

Public domain images that feature landscape and travel images.

Google Images

google images homepage

You can use Google Images to look for stock images, just be sure to use the advanced setting and change the license filter. You should also view the images’ sources to be sure there are no restrictions.

Lost and Taken

lost and taken homepage - find free stock photos

This site offers royalty free texture images.


pexels homepage

I use the site often on my blog. Pexels has tons of high quality stock images that cover a variety of topics.


pixabay homepage

Pixabay is a searchable site with all images open to public domain.  A wide variety of images are available.


shutterstock homepage

Although Shutterstock is a pay-for-use site, they do offer a free photo and vector every week. Sign up for a free account to access these freebies.

The Stocks

the stocks homepage

This site compiles multiple free image sites for you. Some have search functions, while others offer multiple photos a day that you scroll through. Please be aware, that while the majority are CC0 images, some may require attribution.


unsplash homepage - free stock images

Unsplash is my go-to for free stock images. The have an amazing variety of high quality images and their library keeps on growing. I’ve also contributed my own photos to this site.

Where do you find free stock photos for your blog or website? I’d love to know.

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