6 Reasons Why You Should Craft

paper with string and wheat

Crafting and being creative is my main hobby. This has been true for most of my life.

I think a lot of it boils down to how crafting makes me feel. So, today I will be sharing with you six reasons to craft.

It doesn’t matter what skill level you are at; the benefits are the same.


Being creative in the craft of your choice could help reduce anxiety and stress. There is something to be said about doing an activity where your mind can wander. If you aren’t into mindless doodling, the relaxation could come from the focus of a project, which pushes all other worries from your mind. I find crafting a good activity to do after a stressful day. I can put my emotions into the designs, let my body and mind relax, and focus on the task at hand.


Creating pieces can be like solving puzzles. Learning the different parts, colors, mediums needed. There isn’t a wrong answer. The more you craft, the more you get a sense of design choices, patterns, and colors that you lean towards. You might develop your own artistic voice. Even if you are following a tutorial or pattern, you can still add your own spin to the piece. It is interesting to look at old projects and see how they were influenced by what was going on in my life.


The feeling that comes with finishing a project is amazing. Especially if it took a long time to complete. I love looking around my house and seeing pieces that I’ve made, it’s even better when people ask about them. There is a sense of pride that comes with explaining to someone, “I made that.” You get to share your passions and creativity with others and maybe inspire them as well. However, even if no one sees something I make, I am still proud that I attempted a project, learned from it, and maybe even finished.


There are an endless amount of crafts and mediums out there to try. If you are like me, you want to try every one of them. However, some crafters like to stay within niches. Either way, there is so much to learn about crafting and the techniques or designs are constantly evolving. I love learning, so it is nice to foster that outside of a classroom environment.


One major reason to craft or be artistic that is good for your health. Along with the mental health benefits, crafting can also offer physical advantages. Many crafts involve using your hands and help improve dexterity. Others might involve more rigorous use of the body. Crafting is also a great stress reducer and can help improve you mood.


Creating helps us through our emotions. Whether expressed in the piece itself or by allowing your mind to think through problems. But happiness also comes from being engaged in an activity you love. I like crafting. No one is forcing me. Being creative brings joy. You can also spread that joy by crafting with others or gifting friends with pieces.

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