Introverts Retreat Subscription Box – January 2021

introverts retreat subscription box

I recently been looking into more subscription boxes. I like the idea of receiving goodies every once in a while. A nice treat to myself. When thinking about what I like and don’t like about these boxes, I’ve realized that I’m not a huge fan of fandom items and trinkets. I much prefer practical goods.

So, I was so happy to see a box that included a book with treats and bath products. Here’s what I thought about the Introverts Retreat subscription box.

There are a few levels to this box, so decide which type is best for you. I subscribed to the Read, Relax, and Recharge box which is $39.99 plus shipping. Total I paid $44.68 for the subscription box.

introverts retreat subscription box

What Came in the Box:

  • Mr. Nice Guy by Jennifer Miller & Jason Feifer – $16.99
  • Octavia Tea, Berry Cabernet (sample size) – $3.50
  • Wonderful Pistachios (1.5 oz) – $0.62
  • Moonlight in Vermont, Dark Chocolate Espresso Crunch (1.5 oz) – $5.00
  • Divine & Sexy, Retinol Face Balm (.5 oz) – $10.00
  • Introverts Retreat, Night Flowers Bath Salts (10 oz) – ???
  • Introverts Retreat, Moonlight Path Soy Candle (8 oz) – ???

After adding everything up, the total estimated retail value was $36.11, plus the candle and bath salts. Not too shabby.

I had mixed feeling about this subscription box. I enjoyed the treats and liked getting the snack foods and tea. The chocolate was delicious and I always enjoy trying new teas. Each box comes with a book, but it won’t be a new release. Now, they are upfront about this, and you get to choose a genre, but I am wary that many of the books might not be that great because they are probably bought from the discount bin. But honestly, there is always the risk of not liking a novel, even if it is a popular bestseller. So this isn’t much of an issue.

The candle, bath salts, and face balm were a bit iffy for me. I believe the owner makes the candle and salts, but they didn’t seem to be of high quality. The scents were a bit generic. Also, the face balm looked cheap (and the manufacturer’s website looked a little sketchy) so I won’t be using that product. Be careful about what you put on your body.

Overall, I enjoyed the box and can’t wait to see what I receive in future months. I purchased a three-month subscription, so I should get a good idea after that if this is something I want long term.

Let me know if you’ve tried the Introverts Retreat subscription box. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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