Author Interview with Jordan Riley Swan

Author Interview with Jordan Riley Swan

Hey everyone, please welcome to the blog author Jordan Riley Swan. Their newest book, The Heart’s Bidding was published earlier this month and is a fun contemporary romance. Get to know this author a little better and don’t forget to check out the novel (links below).

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

According to my first one-star review, I should have changed the entire book. Hahaha. But seriously, I’m proud of what I ended with. If left to my own devices I would rewrite it into eternity, but at some point, you have to release it into the wild.

Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?

Holy crap, the whole thing was a learning experience from beginning to end. I only hope I learn as much every time. We should always be getting better at our craft, and I think this one proves it (if you compared first draft to last draft I’d hope you’d agree.)

If your book were made into a film, who would you like to play the lead?

I don’t know enough actresses’ names to answer that. But I can say I got my dream narrator to agree to read it (Xe Sands) and that makes me happier than it being turned into a movie would.

Anything specific you want to tell your readers?

This isn’t a typical romance. I don’t really hit the tropes like most people would want, just keep that in mind as you go through it. Whether that makes the book better or worse I leave to you.

What is your favorite part of this book and why?

The van ride in chapter three. It was fun to write. A lot of my later work in other novels resembles it more than the other chapters inside this one.

If you could spend time with a character from your book who would it be? And what would you do during that day?

I’d hang out with Bridgette. She’s the kind of no-nonsense woman I’d totally date if she were my age (and you know, real). We’d go to a concert and she’d belittle the fact that I have no idea who the singer is and ask me why I even bothered to come. 

Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

There is a seed of a real person in every character. Usually, it’s a mixture though. I might take a personality trait from one person and combine it with a trait from another person and then describe the physicality of a third person. A few of them were made up whole cloth as I don’t really know anyone like my true love in this book, Bridgette. LOL

Do your characters seem to hijack the story, or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story? 

I felt like we worked together. They pushed me into storylines I wasn’t suspecting and I threw them for some curves that they didn’t like in response. But at the end of the day, I felt like I was in charge.

Convince us why you feel your book is a must read.

Every so often a book enters into a genre that is of the genre but doesn’t follow the rules exactly. This is that book. Maybe you’ll find it frustrating, but the readers who want to try something a little different may just find this a perfect match for them.

Have you written any other books that are not published?

About ten or so. Three from my misspent youth. Several recently, but a few of those will eventually be published.

If your book had a candle, what scent would it be?

I’m allergic to strong scents. LOL. But I imagine with Kay doing so much painting and furniture repair it would smell like sawdust and milk paint.

What did you edit out of this book?

About 30k words. Hahaha. The first draft was nearly the size of an epic fantasy. I had to drop several subplots and dial back some of the background characters. Did it hurt? Yeah. Is it a faster, better read now? Absolutely. Will I overwrite my next novel like that again? Probably. I guess I didn’t learn enough after all. 

The biggest subplot that got sacrificed was about a male character who was also crushing on the main hero but couldn’t confess it because the said character has to hide the fact he’s gay because of small-town and old men at auction prejudices. It had to go for multiple reasons, but I will reward him with his own book down the line.

Is there a writer whose brain you would love to pick for advice? Who would that be and why?

I have been blessed with the opportunity to pick a few brains of my real-life hero’s for advice after meeting them at conferences. I can say with certainty that there are few, more rewarding things, then having a hero be as cool in person as they seem in their writing.

Fun Fact?

Fact (not sure how fun it is): I chose my Pen name based on its androgynous nature. I researched the top hundred names shared by both boys and girls and picked Jordan and Riley out of them. I did this because I knew I’d be writing in both romance and fantasy and wanted the reader to associate my gender with whatever preconceived gender they assigned to the genre. Besides, I doubt too many people would buy a romance novel with the name Bernie on the cover. I mean, that does make me sound like I’m a Jewish sex machine, but might not be the best sales tactic for sweet romance…

About the Book

The Heart’s Bidding by Jordan Riley Swan 

Genre: Clean Contemporary Romance 

Published: September 7, 2020

304 pages

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Kaylee Heart would rather run through a roaring fire than endure even a minute of public speaking. Put in an eighty-hour workweek? No problem. Shut down her grandfather’s gold-digging girlfriend? Easy peasy. Stand in front of an auction crowd and call for bids? Show her the exit.

So she has no idea how Gerald, the golden-voiced auctioneer she’s been crushing on at the local auction house, can find the courage to stand on stage every week, with all those eyes on him. But as cruel fate would have it, she is about to find out.

Her family antique shop, the Vintage at Heart, has tripped over one financial hurdle too many and Kay is propelled, full speed, into her biggest phobia—the spotlight.

With terror chasing her, she’ll have to fight to keep the family business from closing forever. Even if the battle takes place in front of a live crowd.

About the Author

Jordan Riley Swan is a wild word hunter living in the far and dangerous reaches of rural Ohio. He spends his nights tracking down big-game stories, capturing them in paper cages, and training them to be better tales.

The Heart’s Bidding was the first novel he’d dared to use the keys of his typewriter to release back into the wild.

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Interview with Tamara Thorne & Alistair Cross

Interview with Tamara Thorne & Alistair Cross

Hi everyone. Please welcome, Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross, the authors of Mother. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.

How long have you been a writer?

We both began writing at about the age of eight. Tamara was first published in the early 90s and Alistair first got published in 2012.

Can you describe your writing process? Do you dedicate time to writing or is it random?

Whether working on solos or collaborating, we work together, in the Cloud and on Skype. We definitely dedicate time to writing; it’s our job. We write a minimum of eight hours a day Monday through Friday, and half days on Saturday.

What was the collaboration process like when writing this novel?

The idea for our novel, Mother, was first conceived in 2013. We had several other projects we had to complete before we began it in earnest. We write our collaborations very much together, with both of us fully present in the development of scenes and characters. By the end of the novel, we rarely know who wrote what, and we like it that way because it means we’ve woven our work together seamlessly.

What inspired you to write Mother?

We have written about ghosts, vampires, elementals, and various other supernatural creatures. This time, we wanted to write about the scariest monster of all: People. That being said, there may be a ghost in Mother – this is something we’re leaving up to the minds of the readers – but Mother is not technically a paranormal story. It’s a suspense thriller, psychological in nature.That said, we’re tickled about the (possible) ghost.

What draws you to the horror/paranormal genre?

We just write what interests us and we don’t think about genre. We’ve both always been attracted to the unknown, the mysterious, and consider that just part of our personalities.

Do you have a favorite character in your book?

Aside from Mother herself – Priscilla Martin – Tamara enjoyed Father Andy Pike. Alistair was always a little partial to those strange, whey-faced little girls, Daphine and Delphine Dean.

Are you currently working on any new projects?

Yes. We are working on the second installment of our Witches of Ravencrest serial novel. This episode is titled Dead of Night and will be out in a couple of weeks. Also, we’re both knee-deep in a solo apiece, and as of tomorrow, we begin the long-awaited sequel to Tamara’s Candle Bay, which will also feature some of the vampires from Alistair’s novel, The Crimson Corset.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Also, check out my review of Mother on Wednesday.

Author Interview with E. G. Patrick

Author Interview with E. G. Patrick
Please welcome E. G. Patrick, author of Solid Stone: Revolving Door.


How long have you been a writer?

I started writing in my school days. My teachers said they enjoyed reading my essays. Another taste came when I finished a poem my mother started. I think I was about 12 years old then. I continued to write for myself but this is my first published book.

Can you describe your writing process? Do you dedicate time to writing or is it random?

I do dedicate time to writing. It’s not work by any means; I really enjoy it. I listen to music that evokes emotion and occasionally have a glass of wine :).

What inspired you to write Solid Stone: Revolving Door?

I started reading historical romance novels when I was in my late teens and early twenties. I was enthralled by how heroines gave their hearts and the paths that led them there. I also read FSOG [Fifty Shades of Grey] book 1 in 2012. The combination of the historical romances and this book inspired me to write my own love story.

Did you go through a lot of drafts while writing this novel?

The story line flowed naturally. There were a few edits along the way, but the main story line remained the same.

This is a very steamy novel. Do you always write erotica/romance stories? 

I have a vivid imagination that comes with a long fantasy playlist so I enjoy writing steamy stories. Passion is a wonderful thing!

Do you have a favorite character in your book?

My characters mean a lot to me. When I’m writing and their personas develop, I begin to feel for and understand them. I really love both Violet and Adam. Despite Violet’s inexperience and fiery outbursts she still follows her heart. Adam, well he’s my fantasy man on so many levels, plain and simple! Ann is one great BFF.

Are you currently working on any new projects?

Yes, book 2 in this series. Solid Stone: Odyssey. I’m very excited about sharing Adam and Violet’s highly erotic adventures along with how their relationship evolves with all its ups and downs. Life is a journey.

A big thanks to E.G. Patrick for allowing me to interview her.

About the Author

Hello! Born in England, I now live in Canada. Living my life with passion and without barriers is my mantra. Bringing my secret dark fantasies to life in my stories is so therapeutic! I hope to entertain, stimulate and evoke all kinds of emotions. Adam and Violet mean a lot to me so I take great care in giving them real personalities and intense desires as their lives grow within my books.

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Title: Solid Stone: Revolving Door

Author: E.G. Patrick

Genre: Erotic Romance


Violet Cole, a recent university graduate, is rushing to her first important business meeting when she comes face-to-face with a man she finds captivating and intimidating. His penetrating gaze makes her heart pound and her legs tremble. Violet learns that the wealthy and alluring Adam Stone is renowned for his success in the high-powered corporate world. He now consumes all of Violet’s thoughts. ​

A self-admitted control freak, Adam becomes intrigued by Violet’s untapped beauty and fierce honesty. He is determined to possess all of her. They embark on a passionate odyssey that is exhilarating and tantalizing. As their relationship intensifies, Adam and Violet must confront serious contradictions between them. How far is Violet willing to go to keep their relationship alive? Long-kept secrets are exposed leading to a surprising and explosive climax.

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